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Alliance Horde
545 550


Wintegrasp in:
Server communicators
Core / PvP | Author: Crackaw

Away From Keyboard: After recieving AFK status player will be kicked from Battleground or Wintergrasp immediately. Player will obtain AFK status after 2 minutes without doing any ac
  • MrCulé, 2017/10/19

    Staff Recruitment is on!

    If you want to join our team feel free to apply! Information that are required in the e-mail:

    ✔ 1. Sunwell nickname; 

    ✔ 2. Your age;

    ✔ 3. Wrath of the Lich King experience;

    ✔ 4. A few words about you;

    ✔ 5. Reason why do you want to join the team;

    ✔ 6. Amount of time you can spend;

    If you are applying as a developer and you get in, you might count on professional references! 

    ✔ Mailbox: [email protected]

    Build one of the biggest private WoW project in Europe with us!

  • MrCulé, 2017/10/18

    Hallow's End!

    Ahoy, community!

    Hallow's End has just begun - it will last till October 31!

    Happy achievement hunting and good luck with the mount!

  • MrCulé, 2017/09/30

    To Northcraft players!

    Hello, Northcraft community!

    Many of you didn't have your characters transferred due to too low /played. Remember - such players can receive free, welcoming Sunwell Coins, which will allow you to get to level 80 even faster. You just have to write to us on Facebook or Discord. We will adjust the website and the forum for English speaking players. If you encounter any problems, just visit our Discord(, we're always there to help you out.

# Character Race Class Points
Hardware 9805
Pomp 9375
Szpilla 9120
Szelma 9035
Durotôs 8880
# Team Rating Players
MMR ABUSERS 2324 Norx Nody
PolakRecznikDumaNarodu 2318 Dathremar Goldrush
Biskup i Wojownik 2283 Tlustawiesia Heerai
IOO PROCENT MMR ABUSER 2245 Gehem Randomdog
Silver Defenders I 2236 Hagenau Unexpectablx