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Player's Panel
  • The New Pet Movement System

    admin, 2018-04-16 18:03:31

    The New Pet Movement System

    Link: https://youtu.be/rxkBlHM2REY πŸ”₯

    Movement System will be made in a way that would allow it to port the system to other emulators and other WoW expansions. The movement system will also be used on our Mists of Pandaria realm and will be ported to Hellground Core for further development in the future.

    The new movement system will be obviously implemented on both WotLK realms: Feronis and Angrathar. 

  • Angrathar: Ulduar Pre-Nerf, 1st part - The Siege of Ulduar!

    admin, 2018-04-11 20:22:05

    We are pleased to publish the first out of four promo videos that presents the pre-nerf changes of Ulduar. Thanks to collecting key information concerning mechanics we'll be able to create the first such version in the world since retail times.

    Be our guest and enjoy your watching βž‘  πŸ”₯ https://youtu.be/fpM42SBDp84

  • Angrathar: Secrets of Ulduar!

    admin, 2018-04-04 17:18:21

    Hello Angrathar community!

    With great pleasure I would like to announce, that the release of patch 3.1 Secrets of Ulduar is approaching! With that said, here's a handful of information:

    First and foremost, we would like to thank the entire playerbase for all the support we receive from you every day. Our work feels that much more satisfying, when we know that all we do is for such a fantastic group of people. Your suggestions and advices are always received with great sympathy and motivate us to work even harder. Huge thanks to each and every one of you, you're the best! 

    Click "

# Character Race Class Points
Hardware 10685
Szpilla 10125
Boromeister 10045
Szelma 10020
Pomp 10000
# Character Race Class Kills
Kougra 107545
Forderr 100469
Flay 94343
Delajt 93513
Hydrickle 88678
# Character Race Class Points
Valtek 5655
Cain 5500
Redvine 5475
Darkness 5220
Drshen 4980
# Character Race Class Kills
Sanay 21001
Zevgart 17204
Revathar 16243
Dizyo 15725
Yasha 15560
# Team Rating Players
English pls 2231 Memixrebornx Zypx
druzyna przyjazni 2224 Dog Brzydula Yesterek
mleko z paruwek 2210 Shamazia Toficzeks
PwrotPomaranczowegoKrola 2204 Konteek Dathremarmvp
Selwus Piootlek 2201 Marszal Snoopzilla
# Team Rating Players
Quick Maths 2001 Nicey Veniujk Riviqu Henelka
Ostatni gold wydany 1955 Yesterek Dielwl Xqzmebro Sztangaa Mitonaur
podstawiamy tier dwa 1875 Kougra Marszal Snoopzilla Unexpectablx Sayshara
Biuro Ochrony Rata 1511 Vanrine Surprise Sova Xhendo Holysmoke
We can do that 1428 Typiara Memixrebornx Immortale Zypx
# Team Rating Players
Pajacerka 0 Szpilla Sollon Rockal Wildbloodzia Milair
Dziene Marki 0 Septon Cesarz Gnomek Izaak Smrud
Komitet Obrony PvP 0 Kapuszczak Chamwulgar
zDupyDoMordy 0 Fonlajen Furiosa Mati
PvEbots 0 Amfetamina Veruis Datvenion
# Team Rating Players
we are as good as a rat 2951 Kenao Miaou
monkey here 2777 Vertaz Acken Unlocker Jayzonfeetx
we gear for threes 2751 Randoms Facebook
xoxo 2674 Crazytoones Randomdog
MEMORIES 2587 Rngmodex Yamborghini
# Team Rating Players
Three noobs want to play 2564 Rngmodex Facebook Bl
MLSin 2500 Crazytoones Neverblock Randomdog
hehehehe 2452 Socloseagain Qeq Clutch
Catch a feeling for me 2437 Redstarx Kenao Miaou
KITTY CONOSCE 2223 Applex Papayaqt Kiry
# Team Rating Players
marks and stones 1861 Analysse Noon Hosq Perfect Layr Cp
safe space 1848 Koshimo Robs Hoodstar Nastyx Flotekk Otheranother Ahlazandriah
Came Honor Face 1838 Undying Dudebroqt Xvi Vxi Smirkish Pess
SHE WET HES DESTROYIN 1715 Brae Tedoy Deriasq Kamisayo
Five Noobs Want To Play 1681 Randoms Facebook Bl Lagpr Yamborghini


Core | Author: SkyFire Team

Core / Spell
- Goatform's Training Dummy fix. CMSG_UPDATE_ACCOUNT_DATA fix

- Fixed Raise Dead spawning

- Fixed Charge stun duration in PvP


Core | Author: Anakin

Core / Spell


Core | Author: Anakin

Core / General


Core | Author: Sarratas

Core / General



Core | Author: SkyFire Team

Core / Spell
- Fixed spells: Phantasm, Deep Freeze, Ring of Frost, Shadowstep, Stormbolt, Sudden Death, Colossus Sunder Armor, Glyph of Deep Freeze, Glyph of Colossus Smash, Glyph of Death from Above, Chaos Wave, Touch of Chaos, Renewing Mist, Combustion, Orbs of Power, Wild Charge, Divine Star, Smoke Bomb.


Core | Author: Sarratas

Core / General


- SMSG_GUILD_INVITE correction





Core | Author: SkyFire Team

Core / Spell


Core | Author: SkyFire Team

Core / General
- Fixed few RBAC issues with permissions

- Implemented Account Wide Mounts script

- Small cmake fix

- Fixed SMSG_RESYNC_RUNES opcode

- Fixed training dummies not entering into combat



Core | Author: SkyFire Team

Core / Spell
- Fixed Soulwell


Core | Author: SkyFire Team

Core / General
- Added few new functions and fixed few compile errors


Core | Author: Sarratas

Core / General



Core | Author: Anakin

Core / General
- Swap Subgroups handlers.

- Group Member Flags handler.